13 Popular Audible Audiobooks For Young Adults

Are you ready to escape into a world of imagination and adventure? In this article, we’ll be exploring the best audible audiobooks for adults in popular categories. Whether you’re a fan of spine-tingling horror, epic fantasy, or thought-provoking literature, there’s something for everyone.

List of Best Audible Audiobooks in Popular Categories

Best Free Audiobooks on Audible

Impact Winter

Author: Travis Beacham

In a post-apocalyptic world where a comet has blocked out the sun, a group of survivors in a medieval castle must fight against vampire-like creatures that have taken over. Led by the battle-hardened vampire hunter Darcy, the group hopes to reclaim their lives and restore order. But her younger sister Hope longs to return to normalcy, even if it means risking everything. Will they be able to overcome the darkness and emerge victorious? Listen to this gripping Audible Original production, complete with immersive 3D audio, to find out.

Little Women

Author: Louisa May Alcott

Hollywood legend Laura Dern brings new life to Louisa May Alcott’s timeless tale of four sisters growing up during the American Civil War. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy face challenges with their father away at war and learn valuable lessons about loyalty, patience, and family. This beloved novel explores universal themes that continue to captivate audiences today, making it a true classic of young adult fiction.

Heads Will Roll

Author: Kate McKinnon, Emily Lynne

“Heads Will Roll” is a 10-episode audio comedy series produced by Broadway Video, starring Kate McKinnon and her sister Emily Lynne as Queen Mortuana and JoJo, respectively. The show features a star-studded cast, including Meryl Streep, Tim Gunn, Peter Dinklage, and the Fab Five from Queer Eye.

Set in the Night Realm, the two protagonists embark on a quest to find the Shard of Acquiescence and save the throne from a peasant uprising, facing various obstacles and characters along the way. The show promises to be a raunchy satire with plenty of humor and wit.

Best Horror Audiobooks on Audible


Author: Mike Bockoven

When a hurricane strands employees at a theme park called FantasticLand, they descend into chaos and violence, committing horrific acts such as putting heads on spikes and scattering human remains throughout the park. An investigation conducted through interviews reveals that the employees formed rival tribes and fought for resources, replacing their private identities with curated online personas.

The Woman in Black

Author: Susan Hill

Junior solicitor Arthur Kipps travels to Eel Marsh House for Mrs. Alice Drablow’s funeral, unaware of the dark secrets hidden within its walls. At the funeral, he sees a mysterious young woman in black, sparking a sense of unease among the locals. As Kipps stays in the isolated house to sort through Mrs. Drablow’s papers, the mist and high tide surround it, cutting him off from the outside world and plunging him into a terrifying atmosphere filled with supernatural occurrences.

The Haunting of Hill House

Author: Shirley Jackson

Four individuals, including Dr. Montague, Theodora, Eleanor, and Luke, visit the abandoned Hill House, seeking evidence of paranormal activity. Initially, their stay seems routine, but the house’s eerie atmosphere and strange occurrences suggest something sinister is unfolding. As the novel progresses, Hill House exerts its power, singling out one of the visitors for a chilling fate. This classic horror novel has been praised for its masterful crafting of suspense and terror.

Hell House

Author: Richard Matheson

Four strangers, including a wealthy publisher, a physicist, and two mediums, venture into Belasco House, a notorious haunted mansion, to uncover the truth about life after death. Despite its ominous reputation, they aim to conduct a thorough investigation, but their efforts may ultimately lead to tragic consequences.

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Best Fantasy Audiobooks on Audible


Author: Frank Herbert

Dune is a story about Paul Atreides, who becomes the powerful Maud’dib on the desert planet Arrakis. He seeks revenge for a plot against his family and fulfills humanity’s greatest dream. The book combines adventure, mysticism, environment, and politics, winning awards and becoming a classic sci-fi epic. Frank Herbert’s legacy lives on despite his death in 1986.

The Martian

Author: Andy Weir

After a dust storm strands astronaut Mark Watney on Mars, he faces insurmountable obstacles to survival, including limited supplies, damaged machinery, and harsh environments. With his engineering skills and determination, Mark battles to stay alive, but the odds are against him. Wil Wheaton narrates this iconic story with sarcasm and depth, making it a must-listen for fans of The Martian and new listeners alike.

Fourth Wing

Author: Rebecca Yarros

Violet Sorrengail, a 20-year-old with a brittle body, is forced to attend Basgiath War College to become a dragon rider, despite her lack of physical strength and the fact that dragons typically incinerate humans like her. She must use her wits to survive amidst fierce competition and hostility from her peers, including Xaden Riorson, a powerful and ruthless wingleader. As the war outside intensifies and the kingdom’s protective wards fail, Violet suspects that leadership is hiding a dangerous secret. With friends, enemies, and lovers all having agendas, Violet must navigate the treacherous landscape of Basgiath War College to graduate or risk dying.

The Binding

Author: Bridget Collins

Young Emmett Farmer is unexpectedly chosen to apprentice as a bookbinder, a revered and feared profession that captures memories and secrets within elegantly bound volumes. Under the guidance of his mentor Seredith, Emmett learns the art of binding and discovers the power of books to conceal and lock away the past. However, not all binders share Seredith’s integrity, and Emmett soon discovers a shocking secret: a book with his name on it, hinting that his life is not what he thought it was. As Emmett delves deeper into the mystery, he uncovers a tale of enchantment, mystery, memory, and forbidden love that challenges everything he believes about his existence.

The Burning Witch

Author: Delemhach

Katarina Ashowan, a mutated witch with fire powers, is forced to leave her home in Daxaria to serve her best friend, Alina, the soon-to-be crowned queen of Troivack. On her journey, she must endure the company of Alina’s annoying brother, Eric, the crown prince of Daxaria. Despite their initial animosity, Kat and Eric develop a close bond, which leads to complicated emotions and unpredictable magical powers. In this first book of the Burning Witch trilogy, Kat navigates the strict rules of the Troivackian court, mysterious assassination attempts, and her growing feelings for Eric, all while trying to control her increasingly volatile powers.

The Chronicles of Narnia Complete Audio Collection

Author: C. S. Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia series consists of seven books with diverse storylines, main characters, and perspectives. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is the most well-known book and often the starting point for readers. However, The Magician’s Nephew is now considered the first book in the series due to its chronological placement and focus on Professor Digory Kirke’s discovery of Narnia.

The story follows four siblings – Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy – as they discover a magical land and battle the evil White Witch with the aid of Aslan and Mr. Tumnus. The series excels in character development, with each child representing a distinct archetype: brave, wise, agreeable, and loyal. These characterizations allow for intricate relationships and growth throughout the series, making it accessible and engaging for readers of all ages.

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