The Ultimate Guide To 9 Best Free Audiobooks Websites

Hey readers! Have you tried listening to audiobooks?

We all know that sales of audiobooks are booming constantly. Although, you may probably planning to subscribe to Audible, Storytel, or Scribd for your hunger for listening to audiobooks. These platforms are great and have a tremendous collection of audiobooks.

But if you want to test the waters, we curate this list of websites that offer free audiobooks.

These audiobook websites are legal and they don’t promote piracy. All their recordings are in the public domain. These websites are run by volunteers.

Yes! you can find pirated audiobooks online but they’re not going to do any good to your beloved authors and publishers. If you want to get started with audiobooks, you can try some short story collections that are available free of cost.

Here we sorted out 9 websites that don’t cost you any subscription fee.

List of Free Audiobooks Websites

Librivox is an excellent initiative, started in 2005 by Hugh McGuire. Librivox’s objective is to make all the audiobooks available for free, in the public domain, on the internet.

All around the world record the audiobook and submit it to the Librivox to make it available in the public domain on the internet. It has a wide range of literature from children’s books to classics.

Open Culture

This website is like a treasure of knowledge. It provides free educational media like free audiobooks, free online courses, ebooks, movies, and language lessons.

However, Open Culture provides the same audiobooks you will find on Librivox and other sources. But open culture puts them together in a more accessible way.


Lit2go is another legitimate website for free audiobooks. They provide high-quality audiobooks free of cost.

Lit2go is a very helpful website for children. They provide narration in mp3 format, which can be used in the classroom to improve pronunciation.

The thing we like about this website is its layout is very handy and easy to use. You can select the readability for children from kindergarten to 12 grade. If you are finding audiobooks for classroom activities, then this website can be your lifesaver.

Free classic audiobooks

As the name suggests this website provides free classic literature in MP3 and m4b format. It has only nearly 200 titles of audiobooks. It’s easy to use. You can navigate throughout the site with popular download pages and the author’s last name.


Storynory should be the first to consider if you are finding audiobooks for kids. Storynory showcases the stories narrated especially for kids. They launch a new story every week in the charming voice of professional actors.

They have a huge collection of poems, fairy tales, historical and ancient mythical stories. This is a great website if your kid is just starting to read.

You can stream directly from their website or you can listen to audiobooks on their podcast.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg was founded by Michael Hart to archive and digitize cultural works. Project Gutenberg is a free online library that provides free ebooks and audiobooks. They have both human-read and computer-generated audiobooks.

The good thing about Project Gutenberg is that it provides books in numerous languages and all over the world.

What we don’t like is that the quality of some computer-generated audiobooks is not good enough. Otherwise, it’s a good website when comes to finding diversity in literature.

Internet Archive

Internet archive is a digital library that provides free educational media. They are on a mission of “universal access to all knowledge.”

They provide movies, music, ebooks, moving images, and free audiobooks. They also have great diversity in literature.

The best thing about Internet Archive is that they provide audiobooks in multiple formats. The website is easy to use and navigate.


Yes! Your favorite music player offers audiobooks too. Spotify has a different playlist for audiobooks, which you can listen to free of cost.


Many people upload their narration of a book, which you can listen to as a free audiobook. Many channels offer short stories. The best thing is that you can set the playback speed according to your convenience.


The above list of websites provides free audiobooks for a lifetime and you can use them at your convenience. You can use them to test before buying a subscription. You can use these websites and reap the benefits of audiobooks.

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