Read 10 New Short Books If You Don’t Have Time

Here is the collection of new short books, the perfect literary escape tailored for busy modern lives!

Reading expands knowledge, improves cognitive abilities, and fuels imagination. Our busy schedule often hinders reading pursuits.

Fortunately, numerous authors deliver concise yet satisfying reads, packing brilliant ideas and captivating tales into compact formats.

Let’s dive into ten recently published short books that ignite curiosity, spark inspiration, and provide a much-needed mental getaway.

Must Read Short Books

Oh No You Don’t, Cowboy!


Author: B.J. Daniels

Length: 25 Pages

Meet Hawk Garrett, the charming and attractive man who has always managed to evade consequences for his actions – until now. In ‘The Annulment and The Break-In,’ join Josephine Russell as she recounts her brief and disastrous marriage to Hawk and their tumultuous present.

After a whirlwind romance, Josephine quickly realizes her mistake and takes action by annulling their union within a day. But even after their separation, Hawk refuses to stay out of Josephine’s life. One fateful night, Hawk is caught red-handed while attempting to break into Josephine’s home in the early hours.

This thrilling novel explores themes of deception, desire, and power. Will Josephine finally be able to rid herself of Hawk’s manipulative grip or will she succumb once again to his allure? Find out in this gripping tale of love, betrayal, and self-discovery.

The Music, The Moos, and The Murder


Author: Heather Graham

Length: 21 Pages

As country singer Serena returns to her beloved stomping grounds for a charity event, she must confront unresolved feelings for Quinn MacDougall and face the haunting mystery surrounding the death of ranch hand and musician Roy Granger.

Despite initial assumptions of an accidental demise, Serena can’t shake off nagging doubts about Roy’s fate. Determined to find answers, she digs deeper into the circumstances surrounding his untimely passing. Along the way, she grapples with lingering emotions for childhood sweetheart Quinn and questions whether they can rekindle their relationship amidst mounting danger on the farm.

As secrets emerge and tension builds, Serena finds herself drawn further into a web of deceit and treachery. With truth just beyond reach, she vows to bring justice to light. Can Serena solve the puzzle before it’s too late, or will dark forces prevail? Unravel the enigma in this captivating romantic suspense novella.

The Ballad of Smallhope and Pennyroyal


Author: Jodi Taylor

Length: 40 Pages

 This electrifying spinoff from New York Times bestselling author Jodi Taylor introduces readers to the dynamic duo known for their expertise in recovering valuable items across time.

Fearless and bold, these fan-favorite bounty hunters leave chaos in their wake as they traverse eras, settling scores and defying expectations along the way. Enjoy nonstop excitement as they navigate challenges both temporal and personal, proving themselves as formidable adversaries against any villain who dares cross their path.

Get ready to laugh, gasp, and cheer as you journey alongside Smallhope and Pennyroyal through epic battles, witty banter, and jaw-dropping discoveries. Prepare yourself for the ultimate rollercoaster experience; the timeline won’t stand a chance!



Author: Dean Koontz

Length: 39 Pages

Witness the intriguing origins of this unique protagonist, Addison Goodheart whose sheltered existence holds shocking revelations and hidden horrors.

Living an isolated life under his mother’s watchful gaze, Addison finds solace in the nearby woods where he connects with nature. His peaceful routine shatters when he encounters unspeakable fear, setting the stage for a dramatic transformation.

Follow Addison down a rabbit hole of family secrets, painful growth, and supernatural gifts as he struggles to understand his place in the world. This riveting short story offers insight into the mind of a remarkable individual poised to capture hearts and minds.

5.) My Dear Friend Janet (Southern Belle Insults Book 1)


Author: Keke Palmer, Jasmine Guillory

Length: 25 Pages

Witness the delightful metamorphosis of shy Janet Williams in My Dear Friend Janet by actress and singer Keke Palmer, featuring renowned author Jasmine Guillory. Set in the vibrant universe of Southern Belles Insults, this hilarious short story follows Janet’s unexpected encounter with a bewitching wig that prompts her to step out of her comfort zone.

Encouraged by her sassy inner voice, Lady Miss Jacqueline, Janet embarks on a mission to embrace her uniqueness and seize opportunities. Through laughter, tears, and witty exchanges, Janet learns to value herself and recognize her worth.

Don’t miss this joyful romp filled with humor, heart, and wisdom. Immerse yourself in Janet’s uplifting journey and let Lady Miss Jacqueline guide you towards embracing your own fabulousness.

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The Wrong Bride: Kings of Fury


Author: Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe

Length: 22 Pages

Middle school teacher Elizabeth ‘Elle’ Darcy embarks on a dream vacation, yet stumbles upon an extraordinary predicament when she mysteriously inhabits another woman’s life. Married to irresistible billionaire and legendary berserker ruler Callen Bruce, Elle faces insurmountable odds in regaining her former identity.

Amidst an age-old battle between shape-shifting werewolves and powerful warriors, Elle resists falling for the intense and demanding groom. Yet, cracks begin forming in their animosity, revealing smoldering chemistry neither anticipated.

Can Elle restore balance and return to reality, or will destiny weave its tapestry and bind her to the mystical kingdom forever?

Falling Down (The Boy in the Iron Box Book 1)


Author: Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan

Length: 30 Pages

Immerse yourself in the terrifying unknown with Falling Down, written by acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro. Follow a team of hardened mercenaries as they struggle to survive a catastrophic plane crash in the desolate Tian Shan Mountains during a blinding snowstorm. Their perilous situation grows dire when ravenous wolves stalk the scent of fresh wounds.

Salvation seems near when the soldiers spot an aged fortress looming above them, offering refuge from certain death. Little do they know, the eerie structure houses a lethal force unlike anything they have encountered. Del Toro masterfully combines horror, historical lore, and military grit in this chilling tale. Dare to enter the ominous stronghold, if you dare.

The Blood that Burns the Winter Snow: A Tale from The Bound and The Broken


Author: Ryan Cahill

Length: 28 Pages

Step into the wintry landscape of Vars Bryer’s world in The Blood that Burns the Winter Snow, a compelling short story set in The Bound and The Broken World. Meet Vars, a devoted husband and father deeply connected to his homeland, The Glade. While content with his tranquil lifestyle, he remains vigilant in protecting those closest to him.

However, lurking beneath the surface is a haunting presence threatening to disrupt Vars’ idyllic existence. Prepare to immerse yourself in a richly crafted narrative steeped in tradition, loyalty, and survival, as Vars braces for the inevitable showdown with his shadowed antagonist.

Two Women Walk into a Bar


Author: Cheryl Strayed

Length: 31 Pages

Following Joan’s terminal diagnosis, Cheryl reunites with her mother-in-law after twenty-one years. Together, they navigate the labyrinth of love, estrangement, and forgiveness.

Strayed narrates their turbulent past and reveals Joan’s concealed pain. Encountering humorous episodes and profound epiphanies, the pair works diligently to bridge gaps and expose vulnerabilities.

Through intimate reflection and soul-baring dialogue, Strayed illuminates the importance of compassion and acceptance. Journey through the bittersweet farewell, celebrating the transcendent power of healing and connecting families, even in the most difficult goodbyes.

Roses are Red, But Can Make You Dead


Author: Heather Graham

Length: 29 Pages

On the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day, Angela surprises Jackson with a dinner date, intending to enjoy a rare moment of relaxation.

When an unsettling phone call interrupts their celebration, the couple starts a search to protect a vulnerable young lady. Racing against time, they commit themselves entirely to saving her life.

Throughout their arduous journey, they affirm the genuine essence of caring, extending far beyond tangible presents. Join Jackson and Angela in this touching reminder that love thrives in the purest corners of our souls, gifting warmth and unity to those fortunate enough to experience it.

Tiger Chair: A Short Story


Author: Max Brooks

Length: 50 Pages

Plunge into a chilling vision of the future in ‘Occupied L.A.,’ a prophetic short story by bestselling author Max Brooks. When China wages war on American soil, urban combat engulfs Los Angeles. Initially expecting a speedy victory, China’s perception rapidly transforms as the conflict drags on.

Capturing the brutal internal turmoil of a Chinese official torn between nationalistic duty and moral responsibility, Brooks portrays the devastating realities of war. Balancing thorough research with vivid imagery, this gripping tale compels readers to question geopolitical norms and explore humanity’s depths in adversity.

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