34 New Upcoming Short Stories In 2024

Are you excited about the new Upcoming short stories? There will be plenty of exciting new short story collections hitting the shelves. These anthologies showcase diverse voices and fresh perspectives, exploring everything from science fiction and fantasy worlds to intimate slices of life. Whether you prefer bite-sized tales or bingeable bundles, these new releases offer something for every reader. Keep an eye out for these highly anticipated upcoming publications and prepare to discover your next favorite author.

Upcoming Fesh Collection of Short Stories and Books

Spine Tinglers by Lisa Morton

Length197 Pages
Publication Date25 April 2024

Bram Stoker Award® winner Lisa Morton presents Nightmares, a compilation of 35 hair-raising short stories drawn from her Spine Tinglers Podcast. These gripping narratives span classic and present-day fears ripped from recent headlines.

Encounter savage yet misunderstood vampires (“Incident in a Drugstore Parking Lot”), weigh morally ambiguous choices involving brain-devouring flesh-eaters (“One Shot”), brave haunted lodging establishments (“Hotel Serra”), and peer into alternate dimensions concealed in urban nightspots (“Double Vision”).

Immerse yourself in this electrifying assortment of bite-sized horror stories guaranteed to send chills racing down your spine. Short Stories: Incident in a Drugstore Parking Lot, One Shot, Hotel Serra, Double Vision. Indulge in the frightful fantasies spun by master storyteller Lisa Morton today.

Swimmers Among The Stars by Kanishk Tharoor

Length154 Pages
Publication Date5 May 2024

Journey into a world where imagination reigns supreme with Swimmer Among the Stars. Kanishk Tharoor’s astonishing debut collection transcends boundaries, presenting a tapestry of enthralling tales. Engage with the final speaker of an extinct tongue, feel the poignancy of a displaced elephant’s pilgrimage, taste dishes imbued with gemstone essence, and join diplomats stranded in space.

Drawing inspiration from folkloric traditions, Tharoor creates vibrant worlds pulsating with wonder and curiosity. Richly detailed, and profoundly resonant, Swimmer Among the Stars signals the emergence of a remarkable storytelling virtuoso. Submerge in these extraordinary short stories and revel in timeless sagas retold with contemporary brilliance.

You Like It Darker by Stephen King

Length512 Pages
GenresHorror Short Stories
Publication Date21 May 2024

Renowned storyteller Stephen King unveils twelve gripping short stories in “You Like It Darker”. Many previously unreleased, brace for a thrilling ride exploring fate, mortality, and surprising plot twists. Look forward to engrossing tales like “Two Talented Bastids”, illuminating the origin of exceptional abilities, and “Danny Coughlin’s Bad Dream”, where a sudden premonition impacts countless lives tragically.

Enjoy familiar characters returning, such as the widowed traveler inheriting troublesome assets in “Rattlesnakes”, a sequel to “Cujo”. Venture into the unknown with “The Dreamers” and contemplate life’s meaning amidst despair in “The Answer Man”. Surrender to King’s uncanny prowess in captivating audiences, evoking chills, amazement, and solace alike. Unlock the darkness in this splendid collection of short stories.

Mouth by Puloma Ghosh

Length224 Pages
GenresHorror and Strange stories
Publication Date11 June 2024

The debut collection of short stories “Mouth” by Puloma Ghosh comprises 11 unsettling short stories combining mythological monsters and raw human experiences. Exploring themes like loss, sexuality, and agency, Ghosh uses surrealism and oddity to shed light on universal emotions.

Encounter pieces like “Desiccation”, portraying a teen figure skater wrestling with macabre urges, and “The Fig Tree”, examining maternal ties through the spectral lens. Other highlights include “Nip”, embodying obsessions, and “Natalya”, dissecting an ended affair. Compelling and imaginative, “Mouth” tackles suppressed topics via striking prose, expanding everyday problems into fantastic landscapes. Discover this arresting new voice in short fiction.

Asa: The Girl Who Turned into a Pair of Chopsticks by Natsuko Imamura

Length208 Pages
GenresJapanese Wierd Fiction
Publication Date18 June 2024

Three peculiar tales comprise this curious collection. Starting innocently enough, these seemingly regular scenarios gradually morph into strange and fantastical journeys. Observe as Asa attempts to share a treat in a scene that shifts toward the extraordinary. Tag along as Nami sidesteps typical schoolyard activities, leading to a shocking conclusion. Lastly, accompany Happy as she dismisses routine, guiding us toward a world unlike our own. Blending the quotidian with the impossible, this assembly of three short stories transports readers into realms far removed from the mundane.

My Demon Husband by Rhys Lawless

Length90 Pages
GenreParanormal Romance
Publication DateMay 28, 2024

Enter a world of dark urban fantasy with My Demon Husband, a 20k-word novella bursting with romance and danger. A newly engaged couple prepares for their union, but Lucian’s tumultuous past resurfaces, embodied in a dangerous demon bent on destruction. Armed with strength and determination, our transformed heroine stands firm, committed to protecting her future spouse and herself. Introducing extravagant appendages and high-stakes obstacles, this compact narrative maintains momentum and thrills. Trigger warning: graphic content, including violence and murder. Prepare for a whirlwind romance fraught with adversity.

The Big Book of Cyberpunk Vol. 1 by Various, Jared Shurin, et al.

Length714 pages
GenreDystopian, science fiction
Publication Date 2 May 2024

The Big Book of Cyberpunk Vol. 2 by Various and Jared Shurin

Length722 Pages
GenresDystopian, science fiction
Publication Date2 May 2024

Discover The Big Book of Cyberpunk, compiled by award-winning editor Jared Shurin, spanning 2 volumes and boasting over 100 international stories. Traverse near-future noirs, tech-infused capers, AI machinations, and vividly rendered realms.

Volumes 1 & 2 feature dynamic tales defying and defining cyberpunk conventions. Grasp the essence of today’s rapidly advancing society through compelling narratives depicting hyperconnected cultures, emerging innovations, and shifting identities. This extensive anthology serves as a gateway to understanding our ever-evolving environment and the minds behind predicting tomorrow’s landscape. Ignite your senses and broaden your perspective with this comprehensive guide to the genre.

Mikhail Petrov bElle Maldonado

GenresDark Mafia Romance
Publication Date28 May 2024
Mikhail Petrov and Leah Castellanos ignite the stage in this explosive dark mafia romance novella. Both featured in The Petrov Family Anthology, the duo shares a tangled web of connections steeped in betrayal and deceit. Watch as the brooding protector and fierce cartel princess engage in an epic clash of hearts, battling their shared history and forbidden love. Steeped in secrecy and corruption, this captivating tale probes the limits of loyalty, seduction, and devotion. Embark on this rollercoaster ride of danger, lust, and obsession as the Petrov legacy expands.
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A Cage Went in Search of a Bird by Ali Smith, Tommy Orange, et al.

Length256 Pages
Genresliterary fiction
Publication Date4 June 2024

Brace for a fusion of Franz Kafka’s distinctive creativity and internationally esteemed contemporary writers in this anthology of ingenious short stories. Ten renowned authors draw inspiration from Kafka’s revolutionary style, addressing issues prevalent in today’s society. Marvel at satirical office politics, AI towers built to connect with divinity, and epidemic panic waves. Defined by absurdity, humor, and unease, these tales elicit various responses. Invoke the wisdom of a revered historical figure and comprehend the confounding eccentricities of contemporary existence in this captivating collection.

Craft: Stories I Wrote for the Devil by Ananda Lima

Length192 pages
Publication Date18 June 2024

Craft: Stories I Wrote for the Devil, written by Ananda Lima, marks a stunning debut introducing a distinct and insightful literary voice. The collection weaves together surreal narratives influenced by the author’s Brazilian heritage and American identity.

Comprising nine short stories, including “Rapture”, “Ghost Story”, “Tropicália”, and others, the book combines elements of the uncanny with bittersweet slices of life. Critics recommend it for admirers of Carmen Maria Machado’s Her Body and Other Parties and V. E. Schwab’s The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. Praised for its humor, profundity, and imaginative scope, Craft promises an entrancing exploration of immigration, ambitions, and nostalgia.

Bad Seed: Stories by Gabriel Carle and Heather Houde

Length130 Pages
GenresLGBT, Queer
Publication Date7 May 2024

Dive into the energetic debut short story collection, Bad Seed, highlighting the disenchantment experienced by youth and LGBTQ+ individuals in Puerto Rico. Author Gabriela Díaz Torres artfully illustrates the textured milieu of contemporary Puerto Rico through provocative, imaginative tales centered on dance clubs, dilapidated roads, and crowded homes crawling with insects.

Relatable episodes range from erotic adolescent summers spent indoors to triangular queer attractions playing out on campus theatre stairs, drug-induced cityscape views, and somber vigils held at bathhouses. Merging humor, tenderness, and visual ingenuity, Bad Seed introduces a vital new literary voice deserving recognition.

Sweet Tooth and Other Stories by Serkan Görkemli

Length141 Pages
GenresLGBTQ +
Publication Date14 May 2024

Queerness, labels, and allyship are the main themes of Sweet Tooth and Other Stories by Serkan Görkemli. Four Turks—Hasan, Gökhan, Nazlı, and Cenk—seek clarity, love, and endorsement regarding their orientations in a country where identifying one’s homosexuality is complex. Set in urban and rural locations, the interconnected stories span the 1980s-2010s, coinciding with Turkey’s political shift from militaristic secularism to religious ascension. Görkemli skillfully handles themes of opposition and achievement, painting a multidimensional image of these characters’ individual struggles, achievements, and navigation of families, groups, and selves.

The Met Gala & Tales of Saints and Seekers: Two Novellas by Bruce Wagner

Length328 Pages
Publication Date4 June 2024

Sacred and profane merge dynamically in two novellas: The Met Gala and Tales of Saints and Seekers, by Bruce Wagner. The Met Gala observes a Los Angeles household of trendsetters, spouting benevolence whilst drifting farther from sanity. Candida, a performer, beds with homeless persons, and her sibling, Charles, identified as feminine from early pubescence. Parents separated and converged periodically to antagonize kinfolk and targets.

Tales of Saints and Seekers contrasts, chronicling voyagers’ spiritual odyssey towards knowledge and counsel procured from mentors. Wagner harmoniously integrates heaven and hell in this incandescent composition. Transgressive behaviors commingle with divine aspirations, resulting in a unique, thought-provoking masterwork.

Five-Minute Frights by Dan DeLuise

Length82 Pages
Publication Date25 June 2024

Five-Minute Frights collects 80s-style horror, folk tales, and campfire yarns in flash fiction format. Neighbor doors unopened for years, unwelcome intruders invade rest, doppelgängers lurk in windows. Creepy occurrences abound in this chilling compilation, designed to lift the hair on your neck. Brave these lightning-quick stories, perfect for brief bursts of terror.

Beautiful Days by Zach Williams

Length240 Pages
Publication Date11 July 2024

Debut collection Beautiful Days by Zach Williams unmasks parenthood, mortality, and life’s fractured commitments. Couples age hastily while toddlers stay constant; employees navigate hazardous offices; guides expose ancient structures’ secrets. Williams’ ten stories display time’s imperfections, juxtaposing reality with dreams, testing patience, and showing intimacy’s fragility. Expertly composed prose and barbed humor mark this audacious exploration of human nature.

Terribly Mushy Tales by Abhishek Mukherjee

Length204 Pages
Publication Date12 May 2024

Dive into Terribly Mushy Tales, embracing innocent simplicity and uplifting stories. This collection cherishes the language of love, spinning wholesome, heartfelt stories. Evoking a strong dose of nostalgia, these tales revitalize trust in human relations, spreading positivity and signaling the closeness of love. A satisfying treat for romance aficionados.

You Can’t See the Food Through the Trees by Gretchen S.B.

Length32 Pages
Publication Date4 July 2024

Kenny’s diner hosts an array of supernatural patrons, confirmed after a witch erased an employee’s memory. Regaining her recall, she welcomes the strange clientele with curiosity. Staff and customers behave nervously around three arrogant dryads, raising concerns. Explore the ongoing paranormal activity and relationships in this establishment. An exciting short story for supernatural fiction fans.

Heart Troubles by Stephen Birmingham

Length224 Pages
GenresDark humor
Publication Date14 May 2024

Heart Troubles is a collection of darkly funny and poignant short stories examining the foibles of the human heart, from the bestselling author of “Our Crowd”.

Rabbit in the Moon by Karen Brennan

Length179 Pages
GenresLiterary Fiction
Publication Date7 May, 2024

Nineteen evocative stories by Karen Brennan, Rabbit in the Moon, draws a vivid picture of an unspecified Mexican city. Characters vary in background, united by the city’s culture and history. Utilizing poetic yet accessible language, Brennan portrays locals, foreigners, marginalized folks, and aristocrats with sensitivity. Humor, sadness, and tension flow through these interconnected narratives, providing a memorable glimpse into Mexican life. Affecting, realistic, and absorbing, Rabbit in the Moon lingers in the reader’s mind.

Old Monsters Never Die by Tim Waggoner

Length299 Pages
Publication Date28 May 2024

Four-time Bram Stoker Award winner Tim Waggoner unveils 18 chilling tales in Old Monsters Never Die. Travel to the depths of human consciousness, exposing our darkest fears. Wrapping up with a meta-fiction account detailing the process of crafting horror stories, Waggoner underscores the notion that primal terrors survive in our core. Succumb to this masterfully selected collection of suspenseful short stories.

Do I Terrify? by Clinton W. Waters

Length108 Pages
Publication Date1 June 2024

Explore the human psyche through the lens of horror in Clinton W. Water’s latest collection, Do I Terrify?. Embody Jason, a teenage Minotaur, grappling with societal exclusion, except for his devoted brother, Theo. When their evening in a corn maze turns ominous, will their bond remain unshaken? Delve into 13 nerve-wracking stories, where perceived monsters prove surprisingly human. Geared towards fans of oddball fiction, creature films, and anthologies like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

The Stitching Guild’s Candidate: A Migratory Farmers Story by Hunter Kay Wallace

Length29 Pages
Publication Date16 May 2024

Discover a captivating short story linked to Migratory Farmers Book 2: Stitching Power. Yana, wheelchair-bound for five years, honed her skills imbuing cloth with potent warmth magic. Hoping for employment at the Stitching Guild, she competes against equally driven candidates. Desperation fuels her competitors, triggering intimidating rivalries. This tense, magical tale adds depth to the Migratory Farmers series while standing independently. Ideal for readers keen on swift, powerful reads.

When Darkness Falls by E.C. Hinrichs

Publication Date27 June 2024

Feast on a compilation pushing the limits of fear, incorporating hair-raising accounts of wendigos, Sasquatch sightings, and sinister clowns. Digest the darkest real-life supernatural tales collected exclusively for avid enthusiasts. Approach with caution!

Crime In Mind by Patsy Collins

Length146 Pages
GenreCrime stories
Publication Date23 May 2024

Venture into Crime In Mind, housing a versatile ensemble of 24 crime stories. Investigate cases ranging from comprehensible motives to inexcusable acts, deliberate schemes to unfortunate accidents, unsuccessful conspiracies, and morally corrupt behavior. Detectives, criminals, and victims contribute their accounts. Justice prevails in several instances, whereas certain wrongdoers slip away.

True Night by Tami veldura

Length34 Pages
Publication Date5 July 2024

Explore Irily’s radiant world, dominated by eternal sunlight casting aside shadows and manifesting magic. Equipped with the innate power to summon light, Irily defends against demons spawned in obscurity. Astrologers forewarn of an approaching pitch-black nightfall. Determined to fortify her defenses, Irily endeavors to intensify her luminary prowess, preparing for the grim prophecy. Embark on this empowering journey of light versus darkness with Irily.

The Last Wyvernslayer by Spencer Sekulin

Length48 pages
Publication Date3 May 2024

Read the emotionally charged flintlock fantasy novelette, The Last Wyvernslayer, lasting approximately sixty minutes. Follow aged warrior Yorimasa as she guards Earth’s sole surviving wyvern, seeking redemption for previous vengeful actions. Youthful zeal replaced with maturity, she shields the creature from aspiring wyvernslayers, including Aster, a young woman embodying Yorimasa’s former self. Overcome with guilt, anger, and responsibility, Yorimasa must accept her fate as Earth’s premier wyvern protector. Enter this poignant world of honor, transformation, and resolution.

The Truest Sense by Laura Keating and Chad Wehrle

Length164 pages
Publication Date11 June 2024

Read fifteen chilling tales from Laura Keating, author of Agony’s Lodestone. Face the final moments of ill-fated archaeologists in a time-warped cavern, shudder at the white-eyed kids and toothy queen behind an empty kissing gate, question the confidence of celebrity demon hunters confronted by a hideous new Fiend, and gasp at the sinister secret kept by a precocious little girl accompanied by four bright birds. Descend into madness with a frantic refugee on an isolated lighthouse, and resist the memory-stealing influence of a cryptic entity commanding a township to create. Keating’s horror stories are guaranteed to tantalize and terrify, ensuring an unsettling experience.

Suzanne and the Menders’ Son by V. K. Pasanen

Length39 pages
Publication Date16 May 2024

Step into Suzanne Mender’s privileged yet turbulent life as the military wife of a famed Army Ranger and daughter-in-law to the Queen of R&B. Nestled in a majestic castle, Suzanne’s life masks underlying discord. Nevertheless, her son’s recovery overshadows the struggle, credited to her husband’s healing touch. Delve into Suzanne’s memoir, followed by Accidental Healer (Book 2, Jul 16, 2024) and whet your appetite with Prologue: Interview with Death (Book 1). Prepare for a supernatural dive into the Mender dynasty’s riveting exploits.

How (NOT) to steal someone’s boyfriend by Alex Miller and E. B. S

Length26 Pages
Publication Date1 May 2024

Dive into the heartrending tale of Elisa and Matthew, whose initial magnetic connection led to missed opportunities. Haunted by regrets, Elisa watches her dear friend date Matt, leaving her wondering about untold sentiments. Does Matt harbor reciprocal affections, remaining silent beside his cheerful lover? Or is the window of chance sealed shut, crushing Elisa’s dreams? This poignant reflection on love, timing, and bravery raises questions about the delicate dance of confessing feelings. Peek into Elisa’s inner thoughts and observe the fragility of unrequited emotions.

The Letter by Jason R. Hemmings

Length82 Pages
Publication Date1 May 2024

Venture into a world of intrigue and mystery with this eclectic selection of short stories. “The Letter” whispers secrets from a 1940s California dinner party. “The Emporium” retraces the regrets of a visiting tycoon in nineteenth-century Nevada. “Yesterday’s News” sends a 2149 inventor hopscotching through time, altering destinies in Victorian London. In “Mirage,” an artist’s French muses echo beyond the canvas. “Promise of Hope” unveils buried secrets in 1950s New England. Each tale promises enchanting atmospheres and subtle twists, transporting readers through varied geographies, histories, and moods.

Horror Stories: A collection of twisted and macabre short stories by Megan Monroe

Publication Date30 June 2024

prepare for Megan Monroe’s unsettling debut short story collection. Encompassing six chilling tales, Monroe excels in provoking unease as she seamlessly blurs the boundary between ordinary and macabre. Delve into stories revolving around horrific eye donations, grotesque corpses conversing with burglars, lists conjured by scuba instructors, and a creepy babysitter.

Moreover, discover the origins of Monroe’s twisted creativity with “Jealous Little Girl,” aptly titled after the author herself. Monroe solidified her status as a horror sensation after achieving fame through her bullying-focused bestseller, Bully Me—I Dare You. Allow these ominous narratives to consume and fascinate you.

A Gift From The Muse by Tami Veldura

Publication Date5 May 2024

Alex, a distinguished painter, and artist, enjoys widespread critical success as their creations grace galleries globally. Craving innovation, they seek inspiration for a forthcoming masterpiece. Merely any stimulus won’t suffice; Alex requires something truly exclusive and phenomenal. Which direction will their artistic endeavor take? Embark on this creative journey with Alex, eagerly searching for the ideal catalyst to elevate their latest opus.

The Llama Who Had A Hole Through His Head by Martin Smith

Length205 pages
Publication Date31 May 2024

Read a brilliant debut short story collection, The Llama Who Had A Hole Through His Head, by a rising star in comic writing. Packed with offbeat surrealism and smart humor, these thirteen fantastical tales traverse the edge of familiarity and push boundaries into ridiculous territory.

Meet a gloomy Peruvian sheep, a dramatic movie industry insider, a wish-granted boy, a puzzling detective case, a nail technician facing a titan, a rodent obtaining fiscal guidance, and a questioned athletic record. With irrepressible wit, this collection demonstrates the delightful collision of the unusual and the normal, creating a marvelously strange, amusing world worth exploring.

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