15 New Free Romance Books to Download and Read Now

Looking for new love stories to dive into? You’re in luck! We have compiled a list of 15 free romance books that you can download and start reading right now.

From heartwarming small-town romances to steamy encounters, these novels are sure to keep you entertained and leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. So grab your e-reader or tablet and get ready to fall in love with these captivating characters and their unforgettable journeys toward happily ever after.

Free Romance Books To Read Right Now

Funny Story by Emily Henry


In Emily Henry’s latest novel, named the most anticipated book of 2024, Daphne finds herself in Waning Bay, Michigan after being unceremoniously dumped by her fiance Peter – who has since come out as in love with his childhood best friend, Petra. With few options, Daphne becomes roommates with Miles, Petra’s ex-boyfriend. Scruffy and chaotic, Miles couldn’t be more different from pragmatic Daphne, who keeps details of her personal life private.

As they explore their feelings and past relationships, Daphne and Miles form an unlikely bond and hatch a plan to post deceptive pictures of their summer together on social media. But when romantic feelings between the two emerge, will they risk opening themselves up to heartbreak again? Find out in this delightful exploration of second chances and unexpected connections.

Love Notes & Lifelines by Avery Maxwell

When Harper takes a job at the Single Dad Hotline, she expects to provide support to struggling fathers – nothing more, nothing less. However, things take an unexpected turn when Becker Hayes, her wealthy, aloof boss and one-time hookup, calls seeking help caring for his suddenly orphaned nieces. Despite knowing better, Harper offers him assistance outside of work hours, finding comfort in the temporary distraction from her own struggles with her sick mother.

As Harper gets increasingly entangled in Becker’s life, she must decide whether to follow the company’s strict rules and protect her heart, or let down her walls and allow herself to fall for her boss. A steamy romance full of emotional depth, “Single Dad Hotline” explores themes of vulnerability, forgiveness, and finding love where we least expect it.

Happy Medium by Sarah Adler

Con artist Gretchen Acorn poses as a psychic to rid a struggling goat farm of supernatural disturbances keeping it from selling. Her target, charming farmer Charlie Waybill, doesn’t believe in spirits, complicating matters. When Gretchen meets Everett, the actual ghost causing chaos, she learns of a deadly family curse threatening Charlie.

Can Gretchen convince Charlie to abandon the sale before it’s too late while resisting her growing feelings for him? Or will she lose both Charlie and Everett forever? Discover the answers in this humorous and captivating novel filled with twists and turns, exploring redemption, self-discovery, and the power of true love.

Forking the Billionaire by Keira Blackwood

After escaping to the Caribbean to find peace away from her overprotective brother, Maya discovers her arch-nemesis and brother’s best friend, Jasper, is the best man at the surprise beachside wedding planned at the resort. Sparks fly between Maya and Jasper despite their history of animosity towards each other. One drunken night leads to consequences neither are prepared for. Will they overcome their differences and confront their feelings before it’s too late? Readers will enjoy this playful enemies-to-lovers standalone romantic comedy with tropical settings, comedic moments, and a dash of drama.

One Hollywood Sunset by Mandy Baggot

Freya Johnson moves to America, leaving behind her troubled past and getting engaged to famous actor Nicholas Kaden. Everything seems perfect until her childhood sweetheart, Jonny Sanders, returns, bringing back painful memories. When things settle down, a careless remark escalates into tabloid scandal, jeopardizing her relationship. Amidst planning a glamorous Hollywood wedding and managing charity events, Freya faces challenges she thought she left behind. Can she reconcile her past and future, or will secrets destroy her chance at happiness? Experience a fun and engaging romantic comedy set in sunny California hills.

Grave New World by Gena Showalter

At Jane Ladling’s upcoming nuptials, excitement mixes with apprehension. Tasked with arranging the grand affair and footing the bill, Jane’s landed in quite the fix. Little did she anticipate adding “detective” to her resume, investigating a gruesome discovery at a speaking engagement.

Navigating this treacherous path, Jane teams up with her smoking-hot sheriff fiancé, loyal BFFs, and feisty guard cat. Clues scatter, pointing to various suspects and prompting Jane to strategize a crafty solution.

Can she capture the culprit before another fatality occurs? Revel in this delightfully entertaining cozy mystery infused with ample doses of humor and romance. Peruse this exhilarating read, yours for free. Embark on this thrilling literary expedition today, promising equal measures of intrigue and pleasure.

The Vampire’s Former Flame by Kristen Painter


Explore Nocturne Falls, where Halloween thrives year-round, and supernaturals roam freely. Ephie visits thanks to her mom and ex-boyfriend Remy. Reuniting stirs feelings, but a shadowy force puts Ephie in grave danger. Protector Remy battles this evil, choosing between duty and heartache. Adventure, fantasy, and romance await. Read this compelling book for free! Dive into the extraordinary world of Nocturne Falls today.

His Convenient Curvy Bride by Iris West

A marriage of convenience ensues when a woman auctions her virginity to fund her brother’s medicine; Gabriel, her billionaire boss, proposes instead. Love blooms, but their arrangement includes no children, which conflicts with her pregnancy. Encounter a whirlwind romance brimming with longing gazes, sensual touches, and tender moments.

Delight in this heartwarming tale of commitment, loyalty, and devotion as our protagonist navigates the trials of unexpected pregnancy and maintaining her precious family unit. Enjoy this installment for free, celebrating love and unity among fifteen acclaimed Instalove writers in Dearly Beloved. Begin reading today and surrender to the irresistible charm of His Convenient Curvy Bride.

Courage to Love Again by Kimberly Brown

Divorcee Pascha St. Claire meets kind stranger Callum Ellis on her lowest night. Months later, broke and desperate, Pascha crosses paths with Callum again. Initially hesitant due to past trauma, Pascha eventually opens up to the possibility of loving again. Together, they embark on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and romance. For a limited time, immerse yourself in this uplifting story available to read for free. Fall in love with Pascha and Callum as they teach us the beauty of second chances. Start reading this romance book for free today and embrace the hope in the pages ahead.

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Searching for Hope by Tonya Burrows

Defense attorney Cal Holden risks it all to reunite with his former love, true crime researcher Ellie Summers, determined to crack the cold case of her missing sister, Hope. Partnering reluctantly, they dive into the investigation. Tensions rise during a couples’ retreat at the commune where Hope disappeared, blurring the line between pretense and genuine emotion. Mysteries abound, putting their resolve to the test. Will solving this case bring them closer together, or tear them apart? Immerse yourself in this thrilling second-chance romance packed with suspense and danger. Available to read for free, don’t wait to indulge in this addictive whodunit today.

Wedding Presence by ReGina Welling

Say ‘I Do’ to this chilling paranormal romance! Plagued by mishaps, Everly Dupree’s big day encounters even more trouble when a corpse appears alongside a mysterious ghost. Prepare yourself for a bewitching blend of mystery, suspense, and spine-tingling passion that’ll have you questioning reality itself. Don’t miss reading this gripping romance novel completely FREE! Uncover the eerie secrets awaiting you inside this page-turning gem.

Only the Clonely by Ruby Dixon

In the wake of Lord Straik sa’Rin stepping down as captain, members of the Scarlet Gaze ponder their futures. Among them, Kazex yearns for Ruthie, while Ruthie grapples with anxiety and fear of ruining their friendship. Yet, Kazex’s persistent pursuit leaves Ruthie questioning if pursuing their mutual attraction might lead to a fulfilling ‘forever’. This intriguing addition to the Corsair Brother Series introduces a tantalizing blend of sci-fi adventure, romance, and character development within the expansive universe of the Risdaverse. Join Ruthie and Kazex on their journey to explore the risks and rewards of love between cloned beings.

Behind the Camera by Chelsea Curto

Maven Wood seizes a fresh opportunity as a sports photographer for an NFL team following an injury. Meanwhile, Dallas Lansfield, a player’s father, requires childcare help urgently. An agreement forms between them for Maven to become Dallas’s nanny, yet they quickly develop feelings for each other. Though attracted to one another, their involvement violates workplace policy. Balancing their working relationship amid deepening affection proves challenging, especially when faced with potential exposure. Set against the backdrop of football stardom, this passionate tale delves into the complexities of balancing careers with burgeoning desires.

Won’t Let You Get Away by Mikayla Christy

Two strangers meet on a tropical island and share an intense connection. Sabrina plans to use the encounter as a learning experience to discover what she truly desires in life, while Noah hopes to leave the past behind and focus on moving forward. Their lives intertwine once again when Sabrina moves back home, becoming neighbors with Noah. Secrets threaten to disrupt their peaceful existence, leading to confusion and complicated emotions. Navigating their new reality brings unexpected surprises, forcing them to consider possibilities beyond their wildest imaginations. A romantic tale of destiny, love, and healing unfolds in a serene small-town setting.

The Cutting Edge by Lisa Daily

Get ready for a side-splitting romance as professional hockey player Logan Rivers seeks to break free from a scoring slump with the help of Coco, a talented Olympic figure skater acting as his lucky charm. While Coco works to repay her debts, she worries that revealing the truth about her role will ruin their budding relationship. Filled with laughter, tension, and thrilling ice sports action, this riveting tale follows these two athletes as they balance obligations, hidden agendas, and undeniable attraction in a quest for victory. Perfect for readers who appreciate lighthearted stories with a touch of heat and heartwarming chemistry.

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