10 Best College Hockey Romance Books for teens

Looking for a way to combine your love of hockey and romance? Look no further than these 10 best college hockey romance books! These stories follow the lives of college students who are passionate about hockey and finding love. From steamy romances to heartwarming moments, these books have it all. They feature strong female characters, alpha male hockey players, and the excitement of college hockey games. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or just looking for a fun read, these books are sure to capture your attention and leave you cheering for more. So, grab a copy and get ready to fall in love with these college hockey romance books!

List of Best Hockey Romance Books

Pucking Around

Author: Emily Rath

Rachel Price thought she had left her one-night stand behind, but fate had other plans. When she starts her new job as a physical therapist for the Jacksonville Rays, she discovers that her former flame is none other than the team’s star player. To make matters worse, his best friend, the surly equipment manager, seems determined to make her life miserable. As Rachel tries to prove herself in a male-dominated industry, she finds herself caught between two men who are determined to win her heart. But can she risk falling for a player, let alone three? Find out in this sexy and romantic tale of love, hockey, and the limits of the human heart.

Icebreaker: (The Maple Hills Series)

Author: Hannah Grace

Anastasia Allen has spent her whole life working towards a spot on Team USA’s figure skating team. She’s got the talent, the drive, and now, a full scholarship to UC Maple Hills and a place on their competitive skating team. But when a facilities mishap forces the hockey team, led by Captain Nate Hawkins, to share the rink with the figure skaters, tensions rise.

Anastasia and Nate clash, but as they spend more time together, sparks begin to fly. Can Anastasia put aside her prejudices and take a chance on a hockey player? Will Nate be able to convince her that he’s not just a dumb jock? Find out in this romantic comedy about two athletes who must learn to work together to achieve their dreams.

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Behind the Net (Vancouver Storm Series)

Author: Stephanie Archer

After a painful breakup and a failed music career, Samantha is ready for a fresh start. She lands a job as a live-in assistant to NHL player Jamie Streicher, known for his grumpiness and ego. Despite their rocky beginning, Samantha finds herself drawn to Jamie’s kind and protective side, especially when he learns about her ex’s lackluster performance in bed and makes it his mission to show her how it’s done. As they spend more time together, Samantha rediscovers her passion for music and starts writing songs again. But with Jamie’s reputation as a player, can she trust him with her heart? Will she take the chance and risk another heartbreak?

Collide: A Hockey Romance

Author: Bal Khabra

When Summer Preston, a driven and ambitious sports psychology student, is assigned to work with Aiden Crawford, the charming but reckless captain of the college hockey team, sparks fly in more ways than one. With their vastly different approaches to life, they clash at every turn, but neither is willing to give up. As they work together to improve the team’s performance and complete Summer’s research project, they must navigate their growing feelings for each other and confront their own personal demons. Will they be able to overcome their differences and find success on and off the ice?

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The Art of Falling for You (Falling Trilogy)

Author: Maya Hughes

Meet Bay Bishop, the new girl in town who’s not impressed by football star Tyler’s charm. She’s got her own unique style and a voice that can melt the coldest of hearts. Tyler can’t help but be intrigued by Bay, but she seems to avoid him at all costs. Determined to win her over, Tyler sets out to discover the reason behind her cold shoulder. As they spend more time together, Tyler realizes that there’s more to Bay than meets the eye, and he finds himself falling for her in a big way. But with graduation just around the corner, will Tyler be able to convince Bay to give him a chance before it’s too late?

Passion or Penalty: A Best Friend’s Little Sister Hockey RomCom

Author: Leah Brunner

Melanie Taylor thought she had left her embarrassing past behind when she moved to Washington D.C., but fate had other plans. Five years after sending a mortifying video to her brother’s best friend, Weston Kershaw, Melanie finds herself face-to-face with the now-famous professional hockey player once again. As she tries to avoid him, she can’t help but feel the same flutter in her chest that she did back then. But this time, it seems West has taken notice of her too. Will they be able to put their awkward history aside and give love a chance?

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Meet Me On The Ice: A Sweet & Spicy Hockey Romance

Author: Melanie Davies

Kimberly’s life was perfect – a successful career as a figure skater and coach, a loving husband, and a beautiful home. But when tragedy strikes and her husband suddenly passes away, Kimberly is left reeling. Stuck in her grief, she unexpectedly runs into Samuel, the charming captain of the Vancouver Devils hockey team, who’s back in town for a friend’s wedding. With her own nuptials approaching, Kimberly finds herself in need of a date, and Samuel offers to fill the role.

Despite not being ready for a new relationship, Kimberly can’t resist Samuel’s charms, including his adorable puppy dog eyes. As they navigate their fake relationship, lines begin to blur, and real feelings emerge. Can Kimberly find love again amidst her heartache, or will her past prove too much to overcome?

Meet Me in the Penalty Box: A Forbidden Hockey Romance (Orchid City Book 1)

Author: Cali Melle

After a messy break-up, Harper escapes to Orchid Beach for a fresh start as a sports photographer for a professional hockey team. One reckless night leads her to hook up with a mysterious stranger, who turns out to be Nico Cirone, the team’s star rookie player. With Nico in need of a good luck charm and Harper trying to move on from her past, they strike a deal: they’ll pretend to be together to boost Nico’s performance, and Harper will get the distraction she needs.

Simple enough, until their fake relationship starts feeling all too real. As they navigate their arrangement, lines become blurred, and they must confront their growing feelings for each other. Can they keep their secret safe and their hearts intact, or will their hidden truth threaten to ruin everything they’ve worked for?

He’s Not My Type

Author: Meghan Quinn

When his teammates play matchmaker and convince him to ask out the girl he’s been crushing on for months, Blake thinks he’s finally getting his chance. But things quickly go awry when he suggests being her fake date for a wedding, hoping to make her ex jealous. As they spend more time together, Blake finds himself falling deeper in love with Blakely but struggles with whether to confess his true feelings or risk losing her forever. A night of passion and vulnerability leaves them both questioning their true desires, and the fate of their relationship hangs in the balance.

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Shutout (Rules of the Game)

Author: Avery Keelan

After a surprise move, Sophia finds herself living with her brother and his two hockey teammates, including the mysterious goalie she had a secret fling with two months prior. Determined to keep their arrangement a secret, they engage in a series of clandestine encounters, but soon realize their connection runs deeper than physical desire. As Sophia sees a different side of Tyler, she begins to fall for the brooding athlete despite her initial reservations. But with her brother’s disapproval and Tyler’s demanding hockey schedule, their relationship faces challenges at every turn. Will they be able to navigate their differences and make their love last, or will outside forces tear them apart?

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