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Amazon First Reads May 2024

In a Dark Mirror by Kat Davis

GenreHorror Suspense
Length300 Pages

 “In A Dark Mirror,” where childhood bonds intertwine with twisted obsession. Ten years ago, Maddie and Lana played disturbing games inspired by a shadowy entity. Now, Maddie seeks redemption amidst a group fixated on replicating past tragedies. As Maddie navigates employment, friendships, and self-doubt, she defends others from repeating history. Yet the followers prove persuasive, drawing Maddie back into familiar darkness. Will she prevail, or fall prey again? Experience Amazon First Reads today! Engrossing prose, compelling characters, and psychological tension abound in this gripping narrative. Not recommended for faint-hearted readers.

The Promise of Tomorrow by Mary Ellen Taylor 

GenreWomen’s Fiction
Length339 pages

Journey through love and healing in “The Promise Of Tomorrow” from Amazon First Reads May 2024 selection. When Olympia returns to her hometown following her sister’s engagement, she confronts lingering sorrow, marriage strife, and familial discord. Despite seeking closure, she grapples with her fractured relationship with her spouse Spencer, whose own burdens deepen their emotional connection. Navigating turbulent waters, Olympia ponders her future and belonging, provoking questions about personal growth, forgiveness, and resilient bonds. Embrace poignant emotion, relatable conflict, and tender romance in this touching exploration of hope.

Lake County by Lori Roy

GenreHistorical Mystery
Length311 Pages

Set in the ’50s, teenage Addie Ann Buckley longs to emulate her movie star aunt, Jean (aka Marilyn Monroe), pursuing freedom beyond confining Florida roots. Her ticket to liberation arrives via Aunt Jean’s Los Angeles invitation. However, hurdles persist; namely, lover Truitt, forcing Addie to choose between matrimony or cinematic ambitions. Angered, Truitt incautiously divulges illicit activities, sparking threats from the mob targeting both lovers. Meanwhile, Addie remains blissfully unaware of impending danger. Plunge headfirst into nostalgic thrill, menacing entanglements, and evocative historical fiction in this riveting saga.

Let’s Pretend This Will Work by Maddie Dawson

GenreWomen’s Divorce
Length347 pages

Struggling actress Mimi finally finds solace when colleague Ren professes love and asks for her hand. Tragedy strikes, leading Ren to support his injured ex-spouse and daughters, urging Mimi to tag along. Relocating to New Haven, Mimi discovers purpose working at an eccentric childcare center.

Amid change, Mimi evaluates sacrifices required to maintain relationships versus individual fulfillment. Heartfelt, humorous, and compassionate, prepare for a roller coaster ride exploring serendipitous connections and life’s zigs and zags. An inspiring message emerges: sometimes misfortune births fortune. Be prepared to question expectations and cherished beliefs.

Hot Dog Money by Guy Lawson

GenreMemoirs of criminals
Length315 pages

Investigate the seedy side of collegiate athletics in “Undercover with the FBI: Exposing Corruption in College Sports” from Amazon First Reads May 2024. Fraudster Marty Blazer partners with the FBI to expose pervasive deceit among top university programs, including bribery, cheating, and gambling schemes. Using recorded conversations, Marty targets corrupt institutions, risking exposure and prosecution.

Journalist Guy Lawson narrates this fascinating account detailing the quest for justice, fame, money, and morality, highlighting America’s cultural fascination with sports celebrities and criminal conspiracies. Enter a complex web spun across universities, courts, and corporate offices. Discover how far people push ethics boundaries, revealing a stunning portrait of institutional failure.

The Curious Secrets of Yesterday by Namrata Patel

Length281 pages

Embark on a transformative journey with Tulsi Gupta in “The Curious Secrets Of Yesterday,” available now on Amazon First Reads May 2024. Born into a legacy of traditional Indian spice craftsmanship, Tulsi feels trapped by her destiny. Seeking answers, she unearths shocking revelations about her elusive ancestors, igniting curiosity and resolve. Simultaneously, charismatic contractor Alex moves in nearby, stirring fresh energy into Tulsi’s drab existence.

Teetering on the precipice of rebirth, Tulsi embraces boldness and vulnerability, ultimately realizing potential previously obscured. Marvel at rich culture, culinary traditions, and buried memories resurface in this uplifting tale brimming with inspiration and empowerment.

Bonus Short Read for April Amazon First Reads

Cut and Thirst: A Short Story by Margaret Atwood

Cut and Thirst by Margaret Atwood is a tale of friendship and revenge. This darkly witty tale follows three former professors, Myrna, Leonie, and Chrissy, who meet weekly to test fine cheeses and reminisce about their pasts. But when they learn that their dear friend Fern’s health has taken a turn for the worse, they decide it’s time to take matters into their own hands and seek revenge against the men who ruined her writing career.

With a nod to Shakespearean drama, they concoct a delicious and diabolical plan. But as they soon discover, revenge isn’t always easy to serve up. Will they succeed in their mission, or will their plans crumble like a poorly aged cheddar? Dive into this page-turner to find out!

Which book did you pick up for April 2024 Amazon’s first reads?

The Alone Time by Elle Marr

Get ready for a gripping psychological thriller from Amazon’s April First Reads list. In ‘The Alone Time,’ two sisters, Fiona and Violet, are forced to confront their dark past when a documentary revives public interest in their family’s tragic history. As children, they survived a plane crash that killed their parents, but the trauma has haunted them ever since.

When a mysterious woman suggests that the crash wasn’t an accident, Fiona and Violet must work together to uncover the shocking truth about their parents and the events that occurred during their ‘Alone Time’ in the wilderness. But as they dig deeper, they may unearth secrets that threaten to tear them apart forever. Will they be able to handle the horrors they uncover, or will their bond shatter under the weight of the past? Find out in this heart-pumping thrill ride from bestselling author Elle Marr.

The Letters We Keep by Nisha Sharma

Get ready to be swept away by a romantic, coming-of-age novel “The Letters We Keep” by Nisha Sharma. This book is a romance pick for Amazon’s April first read. This tale has eerie and romantic elements at the same time.

When ambitious freshman Jessie Ahuja and charming billionaire Ravi Kumar are locked in a haunted library, they stumble upon a hidden treasure trove of letters penned by two ill-fated lovers from decades past. As they read through the letters, they become entranced by the tragic love story that unfolds, and soon find themselves drawn into a mystery that threatens to repeat history.

Against the backdrop of Davidson Tower’s ghostly legacy, Jessie and Ravi explore their complicated feelings for each other. Will they be able to break the curse of the lost lovers, or will they succumb to the same fate? Read this enchanting tale of love, loss, and self-discovery, and find out if true love can conquer even the most impossible odds.

The Vacation Rental by Katie Sise

In ‘The Vacation Rental,’ bestselling author Katie Sise takes readers on a thrilling ride filled with twists and turns. When Georgia rents out her country home to Anna, she hopes to ease family tensions and reconnect with her husband and daughter.

As the weeks pass, both women discover that escaping their problems is easier said than done. As they become embroiled in a psychological game of cat and mouse, they must confront the dark secrets of their past and the obsessions that threaten to destroy them. Will they be able to shake off the feeling that something is about to go terribly wrong? Dive into this gripping domestic suspense novel to find out!

Their Last Resort by R.S. Grey

Get ready for a steamy second-chance romance novel that’s full of biting banter and unexpected surprises. In the novel ‘Their Last Resort,’ USA Today bestselling author R.S. Grey brings us the story of Paige and Cole, two polar opposite coworkers who can’t seem to stop driving each other crazy.

Despite their differences, they’re perfectly matched in their ability to trade witty barbs and push each other’s buttons. But when a hurricane threatens their tropical paradise and they’re forced to shelter in a place together, they give a second chance to their feelings once and for all. Will they finally admit their attraction to each other, or will their rivalry continue to simmer beneath the surface?

The Bootlegger’s Daughter by Nadine Nettmann

Step into the gritty world of Prohibition-era Los Angeles, where two women on opposite sides of the law must fight for their place in a man’s world.

In this novel, Letty Hart is a resourceful and determined young woman who turns to bootleg to save her family’s struggling winery. And officer Annabel Forman, a sharp and ambitious policewoman eager to prove herself as the city’s first female detective.

As they come to know the dangerous underworld of illegal liquor and corrupt officials, Letty and Annabel must challenge their own moral boundaries and the harsh realities of life in a patriarchal society. Will they find a way to thrive in a world that seems determined to hold them back, or will they fall victim to the violent forces that threaten to destroy everything they’ve worked for? Read this empowering novel with Amazon’s First Read program. Get this novel free of cost, perk for a Prime member.

My Favorite Terrible Thing by Madeleine Henry

Read this gripping mystery novel from April’s first reads that will keep you guessing for more! In ‘My Favorite Terrible Thing,’ bestselling author Claire Ross disappears on her wedding day, leaving behind a trail of secrets and mysteries.

Detective Nina Travers is tasked with solving the case, and her work is cut out for her. As she goes deeper into Claire’s novel, she uncovers a web of deceit, obsessive love, and betrayal that will leave you guessing. With unexpected twists and turns, this page-turner will keep you up late at night, eager to find out what happens next. Don’t miss out on a thrilling novel especially when it’s free for Amazon Prime members.

A Light through the Cracks: A Climber’s Story by Beth Rodden

In this inspiring memoir, rock climber Beth Rodden shares her journey from surviving a traumatic kidnapping to finding inner peace and a new sense of purpose. Beth and her fellow climbers endured six harrowing days of captivity before managing to escape. But even after their release, Beth found herself unable to shake off the fear and anxiety that lingered within her.

Driven by a desire to overcome her trauma, Beth threw herself into her training, pushing herself and her partner Tommy to achieve greater heights in their sport. Together, they conquered some of the toughest climbs in the world, earning them international recognition and admiration. Yet, despite their success, Beth couldn’t shake the feeling that she was living a lie – that her accomplishments were just a facade masking the pain and vulnerability she had buried deep inside.

Beth began a journey of self-discovery that would transform her life forever. Through her experiences, she learned to find strength in weakness, to trust in herself, and to discover a deeper sense of purpose beyond the thrill of adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon’s First Reads

#1.) What is Amazon’s first read?

Okay! first things first, let’s understand the Amazon First Reads program. First Reads allows you to get early access to new releases before it’s officially released. This is available at no extra cost for Amazon Prime members. If you don’t have Prime, you can join it for $1.99.

The motive is to introduce readers to new authors and provide them with exclusive access to fresh books from diverse genres.

#2.) How to make the most of Amazon’s first reads?

  • Explore and experiment with your reading interests: It features a variety of genres like romance, mystery, thriller, and memoirs. You might take advantage of this subscription to explore genres you typically don’t read. As the books are available for free or at a discounted price, you’re not going to regret that purchase. Who knows, you may discover your new favorite genre.
  • Stay Updated: First Reads titles are revised and announced every month. Amazon usually releases new picks on the first day of each month. Subscribe to the emails in “Your Account > Your Email subscription > turn the switch ON” to never miss out on new picks.
  • Act Fast: Amazon First Reads offers this early access for a limited period, as the selection updates every month. Act and read as soon as possible if you see a book that interests you.

#3.) Does it cost to join Amazon First Reads?

Yes, but don’t worry, it’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket. If you are already a Prime member, Amazon First Reads is included in your membership at no additional cost. If you don’t have Prime, you’ll need to pay $1.99 to enjoy the perks.

#4.) How Amazon Prime Reads and First Reads are different?

You get both the programs for free with your Prime membership but there’s a huge difference. Prime reads offer old selected titles already published and First reads give early access to the new titles that are not officially released.

#5.) How many books do you get on Amazon first reads?

Amazon First Reads rolls out 8 new books from different genres, including a free bonus short read. You will get one book each month and a bonus short read. A bonus short read is a sixty-minute read from a bestselling or new author. So, in total, you will receive two books: one book of your choice from the list, along with a bonus short read.

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