13 New Supernatural Thriller Book Releases 2024

Explore the supernatural with the new book releases in the thrilling genre of supernatural thrillers! From chilling tales of ghostly encounters to heart-stopping stories of demonic possessions, these new book releases promise to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans of the genre. With renowned authors and fresh voices alike, this year’s lineup offers a diverse range of spine-tingling stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you questioning what lies beyond our mortal realm. Whether you’re a fan of supernatural thrillers or just looking for a new adventure, these new book releases are sure to satisfy your appetite for the extraordinary and the unknown.

List of New Book Releases in the Supernatural Thriller Genre

The Bad Weather Friend


Author: Dean Koontz

Publication Date: February 1, 2024

Benny Catspaw’s life takes a drastic turn when he loses everything – his job, reputation, fiancé, and beloved chair. Just as he’s trying to make sense of it all, he inherits a mysterious crate and a cryptic video message from an unknown uncle. The contents of the crate turn out to be a towering, menacing figure named Spike, who claims to be a “bad weather friend” sent to protect Benny from those who seek to harm him. With the help of Spike and a young private investigator named Harper, Benny embarks on a dangerous journey filled with twists and turns that challenge his once-optimistic outlook on life.

You Like It Darker: Stories

Author: Stephen King

Publication Date: May 21, 2024

Stephen King’s latest collection of 12 short stories, “You Like It Darker,” delves into the darker aspects of life and human nature. The stories explore themes of fate, mortality, luck, and the supernatural, and are equally rich and engaging as King’s novels. The collection includes tales of a hidden talent, a devastating psychic event, a surprising inheritance, a mysterious job offer, and a reflection on the impact of prescience. Each story offers a unique and thrilling experience for readers, showcasing King’s mastery of the short story format.

Secrets of the Unseen (Storyville FBI Mystery Thriller Book 4)

Author: Elle Gray

Publication Date: January 2, 2024

As the world descends into chaos, Cora struggles with her own faith in humanity. Voices in her head suggest that the darkness spreading across the globe may be too powerful to overcome. Cora fears that humanity is beyond redemption, but she also feels a sense of responsibility to try and save it. With powerful forces closing in, Cora must navigate treacherous alliances and confront her own doubts to find a way to rescue humanity from destruction. Despite the bleak outlook, Cora clings to hope that she can make a difference and restore the soul of humanity.

Jaguar Prophecies (The Dresden Codex Book 2)

Author: Jeff Wheeler

Publication Date: December 12, 2023

Jonathan Roth and his family narrowly escape a deadly ritual in Cozumel, only to become embroiled in a race against time to prevent a global catastrophe. Pursued by the enigmatic Jacob Calakmul, they must retrieve an ancient codex that holds the key to stopping the fulfillment of the Jaguar Prophecies, which foretell the destruction of entire nations. From museums to remote mountain hideouts, the Roths face relentless danger as they work to decipher the codex and thwart Calakmul’s plans. With their lives on the line and time running out, they must use their knowledge of Mayan legends and mysticism to save humanity from impending doom.

Camino Ghosts

Author: John Grisham

Publication Date: May 28, 2024

In this new thriller on Camino Island, popular bookseller Bruce Cable tells Mercer Mann an irresistible tale that might be her next novel. A giant resort developer is using its political muscle and deep pockets to claim ownership of a deserted island between Florida and Georgia. Only the last living inhabitant of the island, Lovely Jackson, stands in its way. What the developer doesn’t know is that the island has a remarkable history, and locals believe it is cursed…and the past is never the past.

Murder at the Motel (Nightmare, Arizona Paranormal Cozy Mysteries Book 4)

Author: Beth Dolgner

Publication Date: December 13, 2023

Olivia Kendrick’s neighbor at the Cowboy’s Corral Motor Lodge is found dead, and she suspects foul play. With the help of her supernatural friends, she sets out to solve the murder while dealing with her own feelings of guilt and self-doubt. Meanwhile, her boss, Damien Shackleford, learns a shocking secret that changes everything he thought he knew about his family. Olivia must navigate these challenges while trying to uncover the truth behind the murder.

Confessions of the Dead

Author: James Patterson

Publication Date: July 9, 2024

Hollows Bend, a peaceful New England town, is proud of its zero crime rate. But when a mysterious teenage girl appears, things start to go awry. The sheriff and her deputy investigate, but the girl won’t talk. They soon discover a series of crimes leading to a hidden lake, raising questions about the girl’s involvement.

The Drowning House

Author: Cherie Priest

Publication Date: July 23, 2024

A mysterious house washes up on a rural Pacific Northwest beach during a violent storm, causing the disappearance of Simon Culpepper, the grandson of the only woman who understands the house’s significance. His childhood friends, Melissa and Leo, reunite to search the isolated island for him, despite their past rivalries and grudges. Along the way, they’ll uncover dark secrets about the house, its builder, and the evil force he’s unleashing on Marrowstone Island.

Middle of the Night

Author: Riley Sager

Publication Date: June 18, 2024

Ethan Marsh returns to his childhood home on Hemlock Circle, plagued by bad dreams and insomnia. He notices strange occurrences at night, including signs of his missing friend Billy’s presence in his backyard. Thirty years ago, Billy disappeared without a trace during a sleepover in Ethan’s tent. Now, Ethan investigates what really happened that night, reuniting with former friends and neighbors and exploring the surrounding woods, where Billy claimed ghosts roamed and a mysterious institute conducts secret research. As Ethan gets closer to the truth, he realizes that no place is completely safe and that the past can haunt the present.

How to Sell a Haunted House

Author: Grady Hendrix

Publication Date: January 2, 2024

Louise dreads returning home after her parents’ death. She doesn’t want to leave her daughter with her ex or deal with her family home, filled with her father’s academic memorabilia and her mother’s beloved puppets and dolls. She especially doesn’t want to work with her resentful brother Mark, who never left their hometown and struggles with job stability. However, she needs his help to prepare the house for sale, which requires more than just cosmetic updates and cleaning out decades of memories.

Horror Movie

Author: Paul Tremblay

Publication Date: June 11, 2024

In 1993, a group of young filmmakers created Horror Movie, a controversial and disturbing art-house horror film. Only three scenes were released, yet it gained a cult following. Decades later, Hollywood wants to reboot the film, but the only surviving cast member, “The Thin Kid,” holds secrets about the original screenplay, filming, and tragic events. He must navigate the blurred lines between reality and film, past and present, as he helps remake the movie, facing cynical producers, egotistical directors, and surreal fan conventions.

The House of Last Resort

Author: Christopher Golden

Publication Date: January 30, 2024

In Italy, the picturesque town of Becchina is almost deserted, but its mayor has a solution: selling empty homes for €1 to anyone who’ll live there for five years. American couple Tommy and Kate Puglisi snap up the offer, excited for their new life. However, Tommy’s grandmother is horrified when she learns which house they’ve chosen. Strange noises, unexplained open doors, and whispers from neighbors make them uneasy. They soon discover the house is owned by the Church and has a dark history involving priests and deaths in the hidden chapel. Meanwhile, something stirs in the catacombs below the town.

The Last Murder at the End of the World

Author: Stuart Turton

Publication Date: May 21, 2024

On an isolated island, 122 villagers and 3 scientists live in peace amidst a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a deadly fog. When a scientist is found murdered, the island’s security system, which keeps the fog at bay, begins to fail. The villagers have 92 hours to solve the murder or face annihilation. But, the security system has also erased everyone’s memories of the previous night, meaning the killer is unknown and may not even realize their guilt. Time is running out.

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